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Training Modules: Introduction to Intraoperative Ultrasound for Neurosurgeons

These interactive training modules are designed for neurosurgeons who are just getting started using ultrasound during surgical procedures.
Each module is approximately 10 minutes long, and they cover topics ranging from the overall benefits of intraoperative ultrasound during surgical procedures, to how to differentiate between various tissue types, as well as the basics of operating an intraoperative ultrasound system.


Module 1: In part one of this interactive series, you will learn:
Reasons to consider using intraoperative ultrasound during your neurosurgery procedures and clinical evidence supporting the use of intraoperative ultrasound.

Module 2: In part two of this interactive series, you will learn:
The appearance of various tissue types on intraoperative ultrasound, the appearance of normal anatomy, and the appearance of various pathologies using intraoperative ultrasound.

Module 3: In part three of this interactive series, you will learn:
Basic ultrasound system controls including; depth, gain, frequency, and focus.

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