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Webinar: Benefits of Intraoperative Ultrasound in Pediatric Neurosurgery


In this webinar, you will gain peer-to-peer insights on the benefits of using intraoperative ultrasound (iUS) in pediatric neurosurgical procedures and learn how to use iUS in these different procedures through illustrative case examples.


  • Introduction to intraoperative ultrasound

  • Real-time Active Imaging in pediatric neurosurgical procedures

    - Tumor resection
    - Cerebrospinal fluid disorder
    - Epilepsy surgery
    - Vascular surgery
    - Intracranial infection
  • Illustrative case video

Clinical Lecturer:

Mr. William Lo, FRCS (Neuro Surg.), FEBNS  Neurosurgeon, Birmingham  Children’s Hospital, UK


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