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Webinar: Value and Application of 3D Anorectal Ultrasound

In this webinar, you will receive peer-to-peer insights and hear about the clinical benefits of using 3D ultrasound for assessing anorectal disorders and planning colorectal surgery.


    • 3D ultrasound basics
    • How to choose the right transducer
    • Sonoanatomy and pathology: Anal canal and rectum
    • Landmarks and transducer positioning
    • Rectal ultrasound: Transducer preparation, water
      standoff system, and pitfalls
    • Expert insights and tips on anorectal image interpretation
    • And more!

Clinical Lecturers:

    • Dr. Martin Kowallik, MD Surgery/Proctology, Magen Darm Zentrum Wiener Platz, Cologne, Germany
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