Thyroid Ultrasound Ebook

Free Ebook: Modern Technologies of Ultrasound Examination in Diagnosis of Thyroid Disease

Thyroid ultrasound provides physicians with efficient, safe, and noninvasive tools to help diagnose thyroid diseases. To use ultrasound technology in thyroid examinations effectively, physicians face the challenge of acquiring new knowledge and skill sets.

This handbook lists the advantages and limitations of using ultrasound to examine thyroids, provides an introduction to thyroid ultrasound examination techniques, and describes several methods for using ultrasound in the diagnosis of thyroid cancer.


  • Thyroid ultrasound examination techniques
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of thyroid pathology
  • 7 methods of ultrasound examination in the diagnosis of thyroid cancer
  • Lymph node ultrasound examination
  • Ultrasound elastography in thyroid cancer

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